Top 10 Celebrities With Breast Cancer

Shannen Doherty, Actress, Is Working Through Advanced Breast Cancer


In August 2015, actress Shannen Doherty, best known for her roles on the shows Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed, confirmed to People magazine that she was being treated for breast cancer. The news came out after it was reported on TMZ that Doherty was suing her former business manager for failing to pay her health insurance premiums, causing her coverage to lapse and resulting in the cancer being detected at a later stage than it would have been otherwise. According to the lawsuit, the cancer was “metastatic to at least one lymph node” at the time it was discovered.

Though Doherty stated in April 2017 that she was in remission after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, by February 2020 the breast cancer had recurred and reached stage 4 (metastasized). Speaking about her diagnosis on Good Morning America, she noted that she originally hid the news while filming the 2019 reboot of 90210 because “people with stage 4 can work too. … Our life doesn’t end the minute we get that diagnosis. We still have some living to do.

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