Top 10 Celebrities With Breast Cancer

9 Christina Applegate, Actress, Learned She Had the BRCA1 Genetic MutationBreast cancer is much more common among older women, but it does sometimes occur in younger women. Actress Christina Applegate, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2008 at age 36, is an example. Applegate first underwent a lumpectomy, but after learning that she had the BRCA1 genetic mutation (a gene associated with an increased risk of both breast and ovarian cancer), she opted for a double mastectomy followed by the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Applegate now appears on the Netflix show Dead to Me, where she plays a character who underwent a preventative double mastectomy due to the BRCA1 gene. Speaking to The Wrap in August 2019, the actress noted that her time on the show was “cathartic for me, to be able to go there and open up those doors again and examine that loss and pain that I’ve had to deal with in my life.” The role seems to suit her well: It earned her a fifth Emmy nomination, for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

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