Things to Consider Before Running with Your Baby

If you just had your baby and little by little you want to recover your workouts, but you fear to separate from him, the stroller will be your best solution to take him to your training. You must take into account certain tips that will help you to make your training effective and at the same time, keep your baby safe. The safety of a baby is the main concern during jogging.


Surely, the first thing you should ask yourself is what age you can start running with your baby. Experts advise against practicing this activity in the first months, because too high intensity may not favor the little one. However, after 6 months you can add it to your sports routine. Another important matter is that the baby’s cart must be special. Those designed for this purpose have three wheels, larger than normal ones, and include the possibility of locking the front wheel for more stability and avoiding uncontrolled turns. This stability is also given by the rear wheels, which, in addition to being larger, must be very separate to ensure balance. As for the handlebar, look for one that can adjust to your height, so you avoid unexpected injuries. Finally, ensure that in the car you have storage space. You can take your backpack off your back and reduce weight to run more and better. Also try to carry water, food and everything you need for your journey in the cart. Always try to manage such a jogging stroller for kids which is storage-friendly.

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