Social Media: What Are The Positive and Negative Effects Of It?

Make sure social media doesn’t interfere with your work, not distract your attention from planning and interacting with professionals. Do not keep the phone and computer, especially in your bedroom. Schedule a visit a few days away from social media. A five-day or weekly break from Facebook can reduce stress and increase life satisfaction. You can also cut down on time rather than intervals. Using Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat for only 10 minutes for three weeks reduces feelings of isolation. It may seem difficult at first but announce to family and friends that you have taken a break from social media.

You can also delete your favorite social media apps. Focus on activity and emotions Experiment with your favorite online platforms at different times and intervals of the day and see how emotions feel during and after. You probably think it’s better than being on the social media website for 45 minutes and scrolling. If you find that you feel empty and unhappy with being drowned on Facebook overnight, stay away from Facebook after 10 pm.

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