Sensory Processing Disorder: What’s Happening In The Brain, And How We Can Help

You can supplement your child’s SPD therapy at home by performing daily exercises with them that focus on the eyes and the major muscle groups. Nutrition and behavior interventions may also make a difference. Give your child some brain training each day, focusing on activities designed to meet their specific needs.

Understanding what’s going on in your child’s brain and how best to help them also enables you to be an excellent advocate for your child in the world at large. Communicate with your child’s teachers about their progress, and suggest activities and strategies that can help your child thrive at school.

Children with SPD can improve their abilities to process sensory output if all their neurological deficit areas are targeted. Addressing sensory processing skills is a first step that opens the door to other valuable treatments, including behavior modification and tutoring. Occupational therapists who specialize in SPD should direct therapy, but parents can supplement that therapy at home and provide a connection to their child’s school in a way that promotes the best possible outcome.

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