Sensory Processing Disorder & Swimming Lessons

Parents should get their children who have a sensory processing disorder into special needs swimming classes for many reasons. First, learning how to swim is a necessity for everyone who will ever be near a swimming pool, lake or any body of water at any time in their life.

Those students with a sensory processing disorder get a two-fold benefit from this life saving skill. Many people have sensory issues that relate to water – some are afraid of the water, while others love the water & are not aware or can’t comprehend the possible danger of drowning.

The number one cause of death in Autistic people is drowning because of the absence of this skill.

Students with a sensory processing disorder relate to water may experience extreme fear & an inappropriate response to the sensory signals that are disorganized within them.

It is imperative that they take private swimming lessons to overcome this fear which usually spills out into other areas of everyday life.

For example, students with this type of sensory processing disorder will usually have a fear of putting their head under a shower, or taking a bath, or even just getting their face wet for daily hygiene.

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