Do You See, Hear, Feel, and Smell Too Much? Could it Be Sensory Processing Disorder?

Here are ways that an adult with Sensory Processing Disorder can adapt:

  • Avoiding situations such as a state fair or amusement parks
  • At family gatherings, wandering off to a quiet place for a while to rest from the sensory input
  • Doing balancing exercises
  • Taking Tae Kwon Do to improve body position awareness
  • Closing windows in the summer when the neighbors are using leaf blowers
  • Muting commercials and looking away from the fast-moving images
  • Wearing clothes that are soft
  • Cutting labels out of clothing
  • At meetings, sitting at the head of the conference table so the sound and movement is coming from one direction
  • Doing grocery shopping and other errands only early in the morning when the stores are quiet
  • Never shopping on Black Friday
  • Exercising
  • Going to sensory integration therapy
  • Seeking inputs such as scented candles or perfume
  • Listening to music in surround sound or with headphones

This list is only a few of the adaptation or avoidance techniques that a child or adult may do because each person reacts differently.


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