Snacks are an essential part of any day hike, but there are times when a granola bar just won’t cut it. Here are 8 inventive hiking sandwiches you’ll be glad you stuffed in your pack.
Anyone venturing out on a hike, however long or short, must consider sustenance at some point—and there’s nothing like a good sandwich to help maintain energy levels. Foods that fall in the category of “hiking fuel” can be underwhelming: tasteless sandwiches and dry trail mixes washed down with so much water.Since flavor is often sacrificed for convenience, we turned to Lisa Caldwell, a Boston-based chef and nutritionist who’s a regular on New England hiking trails, to help up dress up some trail classics. Bringing a fresh approach to our favorite lunches, here are eight simple yet flavorful sandwiches that travel well.

Nut Butter Sandwich

A nut butter sandwich with a bun, carrots, Thai-inspired slaw and onion all laid out

Peanut butter and jelly is the default trail sandwich, but it’s susceptible to sogginess and squishing depending on how it’s packed.

“If you are going to do the PB&J route, spread peanut butter on both sides of bread and the jelly in the middle,” says Caldwell. “This way, the jelly doesn’t ooze through the bread during your hike.”

For an innovative twist on the beloved nut butter sandwich, Caldwell suggests combining almond butter with banana on whole wheat, or taking the combination a step further, mixing slaw, a hint of mint, cilantro and scallions into a cashew-ginger spread and slathering it onto a bun.

Nutella Sandwich

Banana, Nutella and English muffins are on a wooden cutting board.

Speaking of nut butter sandwiches, Nutella on bread provides a just-right kick of sweet. Try it on an English muffin, dressed up with sliced banana and a drizzle of honey. It’s also excellent smeared on a tortilla, with a sprinkle of chopped or sliced almonds for some extra protein, or sliced apple for a refreshing balance of sweet and tart.

Sliced Turkey Sandwich

Bread, cheese, apple and knife are spread on a wooden cutting board.

To keep the ingredients in this classic trail sammy tasting fresh, line two slices of bread with cheese and place the other ingredients in between. To take things up a notch, Caldwell recommends using smoked gouda with turkey and slices of Granny Smith apples, with an added bonus of mango chutney.

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