How To Reducing Neuropathy With The Natural Way?

This is a dreadful disease that has haunted a lot of people so much so that several cures and treatments have been painstakingly implored. In fact, a number of pharmaceutical companies have dedicated their research endeavors to find the best treatment and therapy for neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a condition that denotes the damage of the nerves of the peripheral nervous system. This damage can be attributed to a lot of causes including diseases of the nerves, and side effects of systemic illnesses. There are basically four patterns of neuropathy which are mononeuropathy, polyneuropathy, mono neuritis multiplex, and autonomic neuropathy. The most common of these are peripheral polyneuropathy.

Peripheral polyneuropathy affects the feet and the legs. Some of the manifestations of this disease include autonomic changes, sensory changes, and varying combinations of weaknesses. While the degree of the manifestations varies from person to person, the symptoms are entirely dependent on some factors. These factors include motor, sensory, type of nerves affected, and the location of the nerves in the body. Some of the most common symptoms of neuropathy are spasms, cramps, and muscle weakness. In addition, tingling, numbness, and loss of balance may also be experienced.

One of the determining causes of neuropathy is the complication of diabetes. This complication involves both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Thus, most diabetic people are suffering from neuropathy. Although there are a lot of prescribed drugs that are available for the relief and treatment of neuropathy, a lot of people want to patronize natural ways of treating this disease. One of the natural ways of treating neuropathic pain is taking vitamins and minerals that aid in the treatment or prevention of neuropathy. These include Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E, and Acetyl-L Carnitine to name a few.

Magnesium is an important nutrient that helps the muscles relax. Moreover, this nutrient is involved in metabolic enzymes such as the communication of nerve signals throughout the body, and in the brain. According to one of the testimonies of doctors, neuropathic patients taking Magnesium are showing great improvements.

On the other hand, Vitamin B6 supplementation provides significant protection against the development of this disease in diabetic patients. It is worth noting that most of the patients with neuropathy are found out to be Vitamin B6 deficient.

Alpha Lipoic Acid has long been used for the treatment and supplementation of diabetes and its complications, neuropathy being one among these. In 2005, positive results of Alpha Lipoic Acid are recorded and published.

FinallyFeature Articles, Vitamin E is proven to improve mild to moderate nerve-type pain. It has also been proven effective for the treatment of neuropathy symptoms.

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