How to plan a wedding when you suffer from anxiety

Planning a wedding is a stressful time. You can be the sanest person in the world and it’ll still make you lose your mind a bit.

But for people who already struggle with anxiety, it’s a whole other challenge.


I once had to sit on some stairs in Robert Dyas because I was having an anxiety attack about buying a broom, so planning a wedding is DEFINITELY going to set me off.

(Rest assured, the broom-buying was merely the tip of that particular iceberg. I’m not just weirdly anxious about housework.)

Since I started planning our wedding, I’ve been keeping a close eye on my anxiety levels. So far, so good.

I’ve had moments of stress, but they’re all within normal boundaries. I haven’t started worrying that the venue might burn down yet.

But I have been worried about the prospect of anxiety. I know it’s going to hit me eventually.

So what can I (or you, fellow anxious person) do to minimise the chances of a major anxiety episode while planning my wedding?

I’ve got no idea. But a therapist and a wedding planner have plenty of suggestions.

Is your anxiety rising?

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‘If we are already prone to anxiety, then something that seems big or overwhelming can trigger more of it,’ says Dr Sheri Jacobson, Clinical Director of Harley Therapy.

She tells me to look out for ‘very illogical or extreme thinking. If you start having feelings of doom, convinced that something terrible will happen at the wedding, for example, your anxiety is out of control.’

Dr Jacobson tells me that you also need to look out for extreme moods (like crying or getting angry for no reason) or physical symptoms, including lack of sleep, changes in eating habits, an upset stomach, or the ‘constant sense of your heart beating out of control’.

If your anxiety is out of control, then seek help. ‘It’s an added cost, but a weekly appointment with a counsellor might be an investment that saves your wedding,’ Dr Jacobson adds.

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