Not Every Parent Can Be Home With Their Kids During COVID-19—Here’s How to Find Child Care & Limit Exposure

2. Change clothes at the end of the day.

You may not be in the habit of ditching school clothes as soon as you get home, but you should definitely start. If you can enter your home through a garage or mudroom and keep worn clothes from entering main living spaces, even better. Clothes should be laundered as quickly after being worn as possible so those daycare germs don’t start making the rounds through your home.

3. Bathe every day after pickup.

Putting your child in the bathtub or shower first thing after getting home and bathing from head to toe with soap and shampoo is another way to diminish risk. Washing hands is great, but we all know kids aren’t the best about covering sneezes and coughs, and those airborne particles can go anywhere. Bathing your child (and yourself!) as soon as you get home can help keep virus particles from spreading in your home.

4. Leave your shoes outside.

Remove shoes and leave them at the door. Studies have shown that the bottoms of our shoes are pretty gross anyway, but add COVID-19 to mix, and you definitely don’t want to track that mess around your home.

For parents who must rely on group child care during the pandemic crisis, following a few common-sense hygiene tips can lower the risk of transmission and keep members of your family a little safer from contracting the coronavirus.