This New Medication Cocktail May Help Treat Female Hair Loss

A new study has found a promising treatment option for female hair loss.

Going bald isn’t just a problem for men. Millions of women also face hereditary hair loss that can be embarrassing or stressful, with only one FDA-approved medication to help them.

But now a promising new treatment might be coming down the pipeline.

According to an article published in the International Journal of Dermatology, a recent pilot study found that a novel combination therapy for female pattern hair loss was safe and effective.

One hundred women with female pattern hair loss took part in the study.

Once a day over 12 months, each woman took a capsule that contained 25 milligrams (mg) of spironolactone and 0.25 mg of oral minoxidil.

When taken separately, each of these drugs can help prevent hair loss from getting worse and promote hair growth in some women.

When taken together, they might have even greater benefits.

“The combination of spironolactone together with minoxidil was well tolerated by almost all women, arrested hair loss, and actually regrew hair in most women,” Dr. Rod Sinclair, author of the study and head of DIRECT, the Dermatology Investigational Research, Education, and Clinical Trials Centre at Sinclair Dermatology, told Healthline.

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