Why There Is Need to Create Autism Awareness?

Autism is a disorder and not a disease as is usually presumed. It affects the development of the neurons and is usually characterized by impaired interaction, communication and in other cases, there occurs repetitive behavior. The characteristics are easy to identify and can precisely be pointed out in a three-year-old child. This is a worrying statistic that greatly emphasizes the need to have autism awareness raised so that parents are able to take the necessary steps should their child display such traits.

This disorder affects how information is processed in the brain. The disorder changes the usual way of communication between nerve cells. A known fact about this disorder is that it can be obtained genetically. Parents with a child suffering from autism can easily find out from which side of their families the disorder came from.

However, genetic background is not the sole source of the autism disorder. It has been known to be caused by agents that cause birth defects. Currently, there are ongoing arguments as to whether the disorder can be caused by environmental factors that surround us such as pesticides, heavy metals among many others. However, this is still under debate and researchers are hard at work trying to establish the authenticity of this claim. As a result of this awareness, the majority of the population will be well informed and the associated organizations will pump in money to oversee that studies are carried out and appropriate recommendations are suggested.

Autism can easily be identified even in a child and its symptoms are traceable even within two years after the child was born. While the observation of a child’s behavior is very much emphasized, that does not mean that the first unusual behavior you realize is an indication that your child has autism. You cannot be justified to jump to such a conclusion as a result of just one observation. Look out for a recurrence in most if not all of the behavioral characteristics associated with the disorder and then you can take the necessary steps. With extensive awareness, it will become much easier and faster to detect the disorder.

In conclusion, autism is a disorder that appears a few months after the child is born. The first symptoms may be detected at six months and one may have a precise answer of the presence of autism when the child is three years old. The ongoing emphasis on autism awareness will greatly help in identifying the disorder soon enough so that necessary measures may be taken to ensure the child has an easy time growing up.

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