Natural Remedies for Arthritis cure with easy way

2) Take A Bath In The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea water is always known for curing arthritis and studies have shown that healing lasts up to three months. The Dead Sea contains a wide quantity of potassium which is known for its curative powers especially in the treatment of arthritis. The ocean even so known for its anti-arthritic properties as well, this is only because the ocean contains potassium that equals the same concentration as blood.

Keep your joints moving. Regular exercise is a powerful ally in fighting arthritis pain as well as in preventing it in the first place. Exercise helps in several ways. It helps strengthen muscles surrounding the joints, so they provide more support. Keeping the joints moving also increases their internal lubrication so they move more easily and with less strain.

Taking walks once or twice a day is a superb exercise for people with arthritis. Not only will walking strengthen muscles, but it is also relatively low impact, so it puts very little stress on the joints. Swimming and bicycling are also good for easing and preventing arthritis pain.

When starting an exercise program, be sure to start out slowly. Doing too much all at once will only make your joints hurt more. As a rule, doctors recommend exercising three or four times a week, for twenty to thirty minutes each time. And don”??t forget to warm up by stretching for several minutes before putting your body in motion. This will help keep muscles and joints limberFree Reprint Articles, so you don”??t hurt yourself along the way.

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