Melt Away Fat, Tighten Skin and Look Younger with Vaser Lipo

And once you experience the magic of the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo advanced liposuction procedure, you may find yourself making comments like
these …

“I got my potbelly done and my neck and double chin treated during the same session. It took less than one hour!”

“After just 3 weeks the result is amazing. No bruising, no swelling, no pain during or after the procedure.”

“I look younger, like having a face lift, and I have my flat youngster’s belly back.”

“My grown daughter visited yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. She could not believe how great I looked. She checked out the area where my incisions where and couldn’t find them!”

“I’m already down 2 dress sizes!”

You see Smartlipo/VASER Lipo is specifically designed to quickly and gently melt away fat from the following areas…

Double chins
Saddle bags

Practically anywhere on your body that has a little too much extra cushion. And with LipoBodySculpture’s Smartlipo/VASER Lipo technique you won’t have to put your life on hold for eight to ten weeks – the typical amount of time lost with standard liposuction. The Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure delivers rapid recovery time in addition to long lasting, beautiful results. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, what could be better than that?


Right about now you may be wondering how Smartlipo/VASER Lipo actually provides such astonishing results. Here it is…

The science behind the “magic”… how Smartlipo/VASER Lipo works.

The secret is a powerful combination of ultrasound and heat energy that emulsifies and demolishes fat cell membranes. The technique is truly revolutionary.

During the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure, small, streamlined instruments coupled with leading-edge technology virtually liquefy and eradicates troublesome fat.

Smartlipo and VASER Lipo styles and probes are extremely small. They’re placed under the skin through a tiny incision where laser zeroes in on its target -unwanted fat cells – heating them and breaking down the membrane. Then, the fat liquefies and eventually is removed by the lymphatic system. What’s more, this very same laser stimulates collagen production in the dermal layer, shrinking and tightening your skin.

But it doesn’t end there. In specified fat areas, ultrasonic waves emulsify fat tissue. Gentle suction and massage gradually drain the liquid away. But even more remarkable is that the tissue surrounding the fat – such as veins, nerves, and connective tissue – is largely unaffected. That’s because ultrasound is tissue-selective. With Smartlipo/VASER Lipo you won’t have to worry about the “good” tissue being sucked out with the unwanted fat!

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