What Is The Major Cause Of The Corona virus?

The report, published in the British Journal, states that videos and photos from the Chinese city of Wuhan are being released on social media, in which Chinese citizens can be clearly seen drinking bats soup and eating live rats, spreading the Corona virus. This is the only reason why so far.

Experts say a variant of bats from Wuhan’s market, called fruit bats, is causing the outbreak of the virus, transmitting this dangerous virus easily from one person to another.

According to the report, the first people who came to the hospital were from the local wholesale fish market, there were chickens, donkeys, sheep, pigs, camels, foxes, rats, thorns, cats and cats. , Wolves and other crawling animals are available, the market has now closed.

Corona virus has killed 56 people in China so far and hundreds of people have been infected so far in the world, massive steps are being taken to prevent the virus, the deadly virus in Europe. 11 countries have been affected.

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