Why am I loosing my hair Anybody can help me?

Hair loss due to sickness/illness:

Hair loss due to sickness does not lasts long because once the body becomes normal, hair starts growing in their normal way. Apart from illness, it is also affected by Thyroid disease, deficient diet etc.


In certain treatments like of Arthritis, heart problems, blood pressure, depression, gout etc, the medicines used to treat them also cause hair loss. But the percentage is usually lesser in these cases. In the treatment of cancer, the chemotherapy or radiations cause a big amount of hair loss. During these phases, the patients loose even 90% of their scalp hair, but they re grow after the treatment is over.

Alopecia Areata:

It is a kind of hair loss that is caused by the immune system’s reaction to hair follicles. When immune system reacts to hair follicles treating them like antibodies, it starts shedding them off.  In certain cases, it is so acute that the patient even looses complete body hair including eyelashes. But this too can be treated by using topical medicines, drugs and light treatment.

Hair loss due to mechanical damage:

These days, everyone wants to look good and for this sake, they keep on experimenting with their hair, resulting into excessive use of creams, colors, gels, treatments straightening, perming etc. But hair loss due to these can be reduced by adequate oiling of hairs and hair transplantation.

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