How to Host a Virtual New Year’s Party For 2021

It’s time to bid farewell to 2020, but the usual NYE bash is bound to change this year. Here’s how to plan and host a virtual New Year’s celebration that’s still full of fun!

New Year’s Eve is typically a night to celebrate the closing of a year, and it goes without saying that 2020 was certainly a year we’ll never forget. But it’s time to say goodbye and embrace all that’s possible for 2021.

While large NYE bashes may not be happening this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve on a high note. Don your glitziest outfit and host a virtual party from home to ring in the New Year in style!

Choose Your Party Time

As you plan the timing for your virtual New Year’s Eve party, consider your family members and your friends’ schedules. While it’s typical to spend the whole evening out at an in-person NYE party, a virtual soirée is better kept short and sweet. Plan your party at a time that works well for everyone in the group, whether you need to wait for people to get off work or allow time to put the kids to bed. Then, structure your virtual event with an activity on the ideal platform to keep everyone entertained.

Send Your Invitations

Just because the party is going virtual, it doesn’t mean beautiful invitations are out of the question. Make your guests feel extra special. Send out something glitzy in the mail for a personalized touch or opt for a pretty emailed option like this. Either way, include all of the details for your event and the activities you plan to host to ensure your guests show up to the party prepped (and dressed!) for success.

Virtual New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Planning a themed party with an activity or two is a great way to keep the night moving along. Consider focusing on one theme or incorporate multiple activities throughout the night.

Host a Virtual Dinner Party

If getting dolled up and hosting a fancy dinner party is your typical New Year’s tradition, it can still be accomplished virtually. Choose your dazzling outfit and plan a simple dinner menu for everyone to enjoy. Send out dinner recipes ahead of time with your invitations and encourage everyone to whip up their meal before your party’s start time. Celebrate with a nice dinner paired with great wine and conversation as you look back on 2020 and raise a glass to the new year to come.

Plan a Movie Night

‘Tis the season to be super cozy! If you’re not interested in dressing up, a pajama party is a perfect option. Create a great movie lineup for the night and gather friends to watch around their own devices utilizing the GroupWatch feature on Disney+. Don’t forget to bring your own delicious movie snacks, like ranch popcorn or homemade potato chips.

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