Homemade beauty tips to control hair fall

Your hair reflects your personality and health. Hair fall is an indication that something is wrong somewhere. To control hair fall and ensure healthy hair, you need to take good care of your scalp.

If you turn down the need to care for your hair, your hair may soon become brittle with split-ends and with dandruff. Mostly, the reason for hair loss is genetic. However, it is possible to control hair fall with preventive measures that ensure healthy and shining hair.

Healthy diet for healthy hair

A diet that has all essential vitamins and minerals help minimise hair fall. Therefore, it is advised to include green vegetables, eggs, oats and whole grain cereals in your diet chart. Vitamin A, B, E, protein and iodine are among other nutrients that hair essentially need.

How often and how  to wash hair

Those with oily hair need to wash their hair regularly, while others can skip a day for hair wash. Too hot water is harmful for hair, so is too cold. Therefore, ensure that water is lukewarm when you are washing your hair. Moreover, never use nails while cleaning or massaging the scalp, rather move your fingertips gently on hair.

How to comb your hair

To untangle your hair, use a wide-tooth comb. Always comb in a downward direction. Never comb hair when they are wet, as they can easily break.

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