Home remedies for hair growth that work wonders

There are several simple and effective remedies that can be employed at home to ensure hair regrowth after prolong and sustained or sudden hair fall. Hair loss is a metabolic disorder where hair starts thinning and falling. There can be any number of causes for hair loss, from lack of vitamins(especially Vitamin B6 and Folicacid in one’s diet; stress, worry, anxiety and sudden shock; heredity factors to prolonged illness (like typhoid, influenza, anaemia etc.) and poor blood circulation.

Hair loss is more common in men than in women, consequently the pattern of hair regrowth for men is slightly different from hair regrowth for women.In order to encourage hair regrowth, one should make it a point to keep hair well nourished. This can be done by applying hair oil to the scalp at least twice a week. Hair oil is essential for healthy and silky hair, as it provides hair with nutrients and keeps it moisturized. Apart from regular oil massage, there are several home remedies, which are quite effective in hair regrowth for men as well as hair regrowth for women.

Essential oils

There are several essential oils that have excellent ability for hair regrowth. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems and seeds of various plants. Essential oils have been used for centuries for the purpose of hair regrowth, among other things. They nourish and strengthen hair roots and help them grow naturally at a faster rate.


Some of the most commonly used and effective essential oils which are used for hair regrowth for men as well as hair regrowth for women arejojoba, rosemary, grapefruit seed, tea tree, peppermint, bay, lavender, chamomile and basil. Most essential oils are very strong and should be used only after diluting with a carrier oil. Please note that pregnant women should not use rosemary essential oil.

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