Home remedies for your crowning glory

Ideals of beauty have always laid great importance on hair. The look of the hair and the way it is worn make a great deal of difference to the appearance. Healthy hair is not very difficult to achieve. What one needs is an awareness of the kind of treatment it deserves. The hair is like a delicate fabric, so we must learn to treat it that way. In this respect, natural ingredients are ideal and some of these are easily available at home.

Home hair cleanser:

Plant ingredients like reetha and shikakai are powerful natural cleansers, yet they have a gentle action. Take one handful each of dried reetha, shikakai and amla. Add them to one litre of water and allow them to soak overnight. The next day, simmer the herbs with water on a low fire, till the water reduces to half the quantity. Allow the mixture to cool and strain it through a clean cloth. Use the liquid to wash your hair. Make small quantities at a time. Large quantities should not be kept over a long period of time.



The application of oil with a light massage helps stimulate blood circulation to the folliclesand also softens hair texture. Oils have their own particular properties and benefits. Olive oil is useful for oily hair with dandruff. Castor oil is useful in cases of hair damage. Pure coconut oil helps improve hair texture and is said to promote growth. Almond oil is very nourishing for extremely dry hair.

For dry, damaged hair with split ends: 

First cut off the split ends. Once or twice a week heat pure coconut oil or almond oil and apply on the scalp and hair. Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the hot towel around the head, like a turban. Keep it on for five minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap three or four times. Leave the oil overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

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