9 Amazing Benefits of Hiking – Physical, Mental and Social

benefits of hiking

Looking to improve your overall fitness, both physically and mentally? Are you aware of the untold benefits of hiking? Read on as I think you will be truly amazed at the incredible advantages that this simple activity can bring you

What are the Benefits of Hiking?

There’s a reason why, for decades, the answer to all kinds of ailments has been to ‘walk it off’. Heading out into the great outdoors has been a widely accepted cure for all kinds of problems, from stress and anxiety, to feeling sluggish after an extra-large roast dinner.

But, unlike avoiding swimming within an hour of eating, this is no old wives’ tale. Walking outside really does actively benefit us – and there’s arguably no better way to engage in this ancient practice than to strap on your finest walking boots, grab some walking poles and head out on a hike. But what exactly are the benefits of hiking?

From boosting fitness, to improving mental wellbeing – and even helping us in our social lives, hiking offers all kinds of tangible benefits. We thought that we’d break a few of these down in a handy list, so that next time you’re heading out into the wilderness on a long walk, you’ll not only feel fantastic – you’ll know why.

And if you ever need a little extra justification for bringing a friend or loved one along for the experience – you’ll have plenty of reasons as to why hiking is so good for us…

 1. Improves overall fitness, and builds muscles

We all know just how important exercise is for our overall health. We’re constantly reminded how vital it is that we factor in regular exercise into our daily and weekly routines, but for many of us, this can be tricky.

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