How to get rid of frizzy hair naturally

The hair shaft containing cuticle layers tends to stand up in case of extreme weather conditions, thereby, stripping off natural oils from hair. Hair, thus, become very dry and frizzy. In such circumstances, it is best to opt for popular, tried and tested home remedies for frizzy hair. One of the main advantages of relying on home remedies is that they do not contain any artificial or harmful chemicals. Since they consist of natural ingredients, home remedies directly affect the condition without causing any harm to one’s hair.

Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Gram flour

Mix two tablespoons of gram flour to coconut milk. Evenly apply this mixture on the scalp and gently massage it. Allow it to sit for about ten minutes. This gives time to the hair to absorb the vital essence of the ingredients. Rinse it off with normal water—neither too hot, nor too cold. Extreme temperature adds to the frizziness of the hair.  Additionally adding milk cream to the mixture will condition the hair and make them shiny.

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