How To Get Rid of Baby Acne?

Acne in the newborn (also known as acne neonatorum) or baby acne is a common condition that affects roughly 20 percent of newborn babies.

Acne is actually very common in newborns. As with adult acne, it usually appears as some small whiteheads on the face, or less frequently on the back. These blemishes are different from the little bumps called milia that your baby may have had on her face at birth. Milia usually go away within two weeks. These hormones cross the placenta into your baby and after delivery, they cause the oil glands on the skin to form bumps that look like pimples. Miliaria acne is rarely present at birth. It develops during the first week of life. It is associated with the warming of the baby by an incubator, occlusive dressings, clothing, or fever. Milia usually appear as white bumps on the surface of the skin distributed over the face and scalpInfants usually develop neonatal acne because of stimulation of the baby’s sebaceous glands by lingering maternal hormones after delivery.

Baby acne usually appears on the baby’s cheeks and on other areas of the face. It is the reaction of a baby’s skin to a relative imbalance of male (androgenic) and female (estrogenic) hormones in the baby’s system following the withdrawal of maternal estrogens after delivery. Baby acne is very common and usually starts at about 3 weeks of age. In baby acne, you see red bumps that look like pimples. The bumps are on the cheeks, forehead, and temples. It often can look very distressing to parents. It occurs because of the hormonal changes that are occurring in the baby after birth and will go away on its own in several weeks. You don’t need to put any special creams or lotions on it, and you definitely want to avoid any acne products made for teenagers and adults. It is non-scarring and requires no treatment or control but needs treatment to reduce irritating itching. Oils and lotions do not help, and may actually aggravate baby acne.

Treatment of Baby Acne

Avoid applying any type of baby lotion or baby oil to the affected areas as well. This is a treatment that many people use, and they claim that it works well. There are many products on the market that contain a vinegar solution for baby acne. As a treatment for baby acne, dichromatic blue light offers a pure and natural remedy. Blue light is soft and soothing and will have a natural calming effect on your baby. Use for five to eight minutes twice daily until the acne is cleared. Light treatment is best administered while the child is napping and should be used only with constant supervision. The baby’s skin should be gently cleaned at least twice a day, using mild cleansers that are meant for babies. Never scrub the baby’s face, as this can cause skin irritation. Do not use lotions, oils, or other washing treatments. it may make things even worse. Home Remedies of Baby Acne

1.Do not to apply irritant oils

2.Use less moisturizer and stay away from heavy creams.

3.Use light, non-scented lotions.4.If you feel your child may have an allergy, keep a lookout for any possible allergensFeature Articles, and keep them away from your baby.

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