What I Did for Fat Loss – Challenging but Not Impossible

I’ve always been fit in my life owing to my dedication and hard work. Things got a bit changed after pregnancy due to the change in priorities and lifestyle.

I wanted to lose my baby fat and get my self back to what I was before pregnancy. It wasn’t easy to get back in shape with a newborn who had no routine, but I took it as a challenge and began my fitness journey after 9 months of giving birth.

First and foremost, I managed to get some free time for myself, where I could do some basic stretching exercises to begin with. Gradually, I tweaked my exercise routine to incorporate some walking and jogging. I did everything at home and never went to a gym🤘.

What kept me going was few positive changes I could notice in myself. For instance, I started regaining my strength and felt lighter. Another thing I changed was I tried to eat smarter atleast one meal a day. Like, I started eating one chapati less than what I used to at dinner. Apparently, this seemed to be working for me.

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