Facts About Hair Loss Alopecia Areata


Symptoms of alopecia areata include:

Patchy hair loss (on the head). The patches are usually about the size of a 10p piece.
Red, scaly skin in the affected area (in rare cases)
Brittle and/or split nails
Patches of whiteness to the skin beneath the nails

These symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending upon the individual.


Despite worldwide medical research, as yet the exact cause of alopecia areata is unknown. However, analysis of patients has brought to light that the vast majority of sufferers who develop the condition do so due to an imbalance to the immune system. An autoimmune condition develops where the body ‘attacks itself’.

Other possible causes include:

An allergic reaction to a certain trigger which causes alopecia areata to develop
Mood disorders, such as anxiety or stress
Trauma (having been directly involved in an accident of some sort which has led to both physical and emotional trauma)

With general baldness in men, this is usually a hereditary condition (i.e. it runs in the family).

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