Eight Benefits of Core Muscle Training

The benefits of core muscle training today are not only known by EMS doctors, physiotherapists, and expert trainers. They know the power of the 656 muscles of the human body. More and more people now know the magical power of muscle training. Muscle training makes you strong, beautiful, thin, healthy, resistant, intelligent and happy.

Strong: the muscles provide energy during physical activity, but also in the stress phases of the daily routine. It has been shown that those who start training muscle tone when young will also benefit from it in the third age phase. Because of a greater bone density, they will, in fact, be subject to fewer falls. And if you are thinking that you are no longer young, know that it is never too late to start working your muscle tone! EMS training, in particular, is a very effective solution to increase bone density, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and maintain a greater feeling of vitality and dynamism.

Beautiful: a thin body is erotic. But it is not enough to be defined. To make us more attractive is also and above all a postural improvement. Among the many benefits, core training for athletes has proven effective in toning the core muscles, which, in addition to streamlining our waistline, helps to keep our torso erect giving us a solid appearance.

Lean: muscles are like small fat-burning power plants. Mitochondria absorb and burn sugar and fat. More toned muscles contribute to accelerating combustion and therefore the disposal of fats even at rest is particularly pronounced, combustion is accelerated and a lot of energy is consumed even at rest.

Healthy: That physical activity contributes to well-being and health is no secret to anyone. But as we said in the previous point, this is mainly due to the action of the muscles, which “cleanse” the blood of fats and triglycerides. In addition, muscle work greatly reduces the risk of hypertension, as well as the overload on the joint structures. If you have back or knee problems, more muscle work will help you relieve pain in these areas. EMS training can also help you prevent pain, balance muscle imbalances and prevent back problems and herniated discs.

Resistant: endurance is one of the basic conditions of the human body in addition to coordination, agility, speed, and strength. But how can resistance be achieved through strength training? EMS training and its different training impulses give the body new stress stimuli for the development of strength, which increases endurance.

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