Early Pregnancy – The First Trimester – Understanding Bleeding And Spotting – A Definitive Guide

Ectopic Pregnancy Signs/Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

• Vaginal spotting or bleeding

• Sharp pain in the abdominal area

• Cramps which are usually stronger than menstrual cramps, felt in the lower stomach area

• Low levels of hCG (pregnancy hormone)

• Shoulder tip pain

• Collapse

• Bladder or bower problems

Ectopic Pregnancy Support

An ectopic pregnancy is not only a very tough physical condition to experience but it affects our emotions hugely. It is good to get support if you are either going through the experience or after you have had an ectopic pregnancy.

Search for the term Ectopic Pregnancy Support and in whichever country you are in the organisation should show up.


Molar Pregnancies – are a very rare reason for early pregnancy spotting or bleeding and the “mole” or molar pregnancy is when abnormal tissue has grown instead of an embryo. A molar pregnancy occurs 1 in 1000 pregnancies.

This is also known as GTD – gestational trophoblastic disease.

Why Does A Molar Pregnancy Occur?

It is the result of a genetic error; an abnormality of the placenta which occurs when the egg and sperm joined during fertilisation.

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