How Depression Is Treatable Like Other Mental Illness?

If one goes to a psychiatrist, it is not seen well in society, although most mental illnesses are curable. Depression is a top priority in mental illnesses. In this, the frustration within the human being increases and the happiness of life disappears. There is no hunger, no sleep, no work at all, no interest in the routine of life. The force is intentional and the force is decimated. Man’s creativity begins to impress.

Depression and dehydration will continue to increase until we are satisfied. First of all, if a person turns to God regularly and prays regularly, reciting the Holy Quran, you will surely feel that there are peace and tranquility in nature. Depression should be treated in a timely manner, and humans may be forced to commit suicide due to extreme depression. Depression is a treatable disease like other diseases, and it is possible for such patients to live an active and successful life.

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