Creamy Chocolate Truffles for St Patrick’s Day


You can make the truffles any size you want. I used a 1-inch cookie scoop to measure out the ganache and made 60 truffles.

60 truffles sound like a lot, but you will usually want to eat at least two truffles per serving.

To make these truffles alcohol-free, replace the Irish Cream with additional heavy cream.

For the sprinkles, you need a good amount to roll the truffles in. For this recipe, I used the three 3-ounce bottles of sprinkles.  A good source to buy sprinkles is your grocery store if they have a baking department. Mine will sell me a pint of sprinkles.
If buying online it really is best to buy in bulk. And if you bake a lot the extra sprinkles can always be used on baked goods like cookies or cakes.


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