Cramps and Backache Symptoms in Early Pregnancy

Stomach Cramps and Constipation

If you fail to consume sufficient quantities of fluids, which help to increase the volume of your blood, you may experience dehydration that in turn will cause constipation. You must therefore consume plenty of fluids, prune on snacks and regularly exercise.

Laxative use without your physician’s approval is not recommended. If you consistently suffer constipation, discuss this condition at your prenatal visit. Since straining may cause hemorrhoids, it must be absolutely avoided.

Backache during Early Pregnancy

Backache during early pregnancy is literally a nuisance. Your torso and posture will gradually begin losing alignment as your pregnancy progresses and most of your weight pushes forwards, this will result in straining your back. In short, your center of gravity will shift forward.

Another significant factor is the typical lack of a good night’s sleep. As you shift on your side, trying to be comparatively more comfortable, your womb weight will be stretching the muscles of your back, resulting in your backache.

Finally, your body changes and hormones also exercise some effect. Since your body will be preparing to give birth, a number of your ligaments and joints will start loosening up in order to facilitate the delivery process. All these changes put together can result in the backache which is the common early symptom of pregnancy. As per general estimates, it is assumed that 50% of most pregnant women experience this symptom.

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