What are some of the cool daily hacks that can prevent hairfall?

Pick the Right Products

It’s important that we figure out what these are and pick only them. Using a hair fall shampoo or a hair fall conditioner that isn’t compatible with your hair type can be one of the most prominent hair fall reasons. Not just hair fall but also cause structural damage to your hair.
You just have to go for products that are compatible with your hair. The Pantene Open Hair Miracle is one such product that is designed for all hair types and can also help you fight frizz and breakge and reduce hairfall.

Use Home Remedies

One of the most basic healthy hair tips is something you’ve probably been hearing about since you were a kid, and that is oil massage, helps with blood flow to your hair follicles and is also very relaxing. Another home remedy that can be among top hair fall tips is steam. Essentially, steaming lifts your hair cuticle and makes it easier for any hair treatment to penetrate better.
Hair masks are also great as they condition your hair on a deeper level and repair any damage that hair may have gone through. This is considered to be one of the greatest hair fall tips for those who have put their hair through extensive coloring, styling, and processing.

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