How Contact Dermatitis Is Treated

Minimizing Exposure at Work

Many people discover the cause of their contact dermatitis is a substance they’re exposed to at work.6 Hairdressers and estheticians, health care workers, housekeepers and janitors, cooks, florists, and those who work in manufacturing jobs are especially at risk.

In this case, so there’s really no way to completely avoid coming in contact with the offending substance. There are things you can do to limit your exposure, though. If your hands are affected, wear gloves whenever possible—latex can be an irritant in itself, so you may have better luck with non-latex or nitrile gloves. Also, wear a protective equipment face mask, goggles, long sleeves and pants, gloves. Avoid letting the irritants touch your skin directly.

If you need further help, ask your doctor for tips on avoiding irritating substances at work.

Tips for Contact Dermatitis Caused By Pant Snaps

Nickel is a common cause of contact dermatitis.7 Unfortunately, most snaps and buttons on jeans and other pants contain nickel. This can cause a rash where the back of the snap rests on your stomach.

Try using iron-on or adhesive fabric patches (found at craft and fabric stores) to cover the backing that comes in contact with your skin. They’re easy to apply and you won’t have to get rid of all your favorite jeans. Along the same lines, if you can’t bear to stop wearing your favorite belt buckle, make sure you wear an undershirt tucked in to prevent the buckle from coming in direct contact with your skin.

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