Is There Any Connection Between Anxiety Disorder and Anger?

Physical exercise

If you’re looking for an immediate reduction in both anxiety and anger, get moving.

Researchers found that people who ran on a treadmill for 20 minutes reported fewer symptoms of anger and anxiety than they had before exercising.

Want to feel happy instead? Choose a natural background to look at while you exercise.

The same study showed that people who looked at nature scenes were happier when they finished than study participants who chose other entertaining backgrounds to watch.

Mindfulness practice

Mindfulness is a meditation practice in which you what you’re sensing and feeling in the current moment without trying to judge, change, or interpret your thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness exercises have been shown to reduce both anxiety and anger.

In a small study involving women with fibromyalgia, study participants practiced mindfulness exercises, which included:

  • scanning the body to observe physical sensations
  • allowing thoughts to flow freely without judgment
  • doing abdominal breathing exercises

After the 7-week program ended, participants showed less internalized anger and less anxiety than they were experiencing before the study began.

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