Is There Any Connection Between Anxiety Disorder and Anger?

Effect on health

If anger and anxiety feel unmanageable to you, or if people tell you that the way you handle anger and anxiety causes problems, it may be a good time to get help.

Excessive anger and anxiety can be harmful to your mental and physical health.

Researchers have found, for example, that anger is elevated in anxiety disorders and depression disorders.

Other studies have shown that too much anxiety and anger can lead to:

  • lung problems, including worsened asthma
  • headaches
  • heart disease
  • fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • insomnia

Could it be something else? 

Anger is a symptom of several conditions. If you experience too much anger or anger that’s hard to manage, you may want to learn more about these conditions:

  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • oppositional defiant disorder
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • intermittent explosive disorder
  • narcissistic personality disorder
  • borderline personality disorder
  • grief

Likewise, anxiety has been associated with a number of other conditions, including:

  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • phobias
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • substance use disorders

How can I manage anger and anxiety?

Many of the interventions and strategies that work to calm anxiety are also effective ways to manage anger.

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