My Child Has Sensory Processing Disorder, Now What?


Read anything you can about SPD. Read about how the nervous system works. About the body’s senses. Read other parent’s testimonials and how they deal with their child’s day-to-day challenges.

By educating yourself on SPD, you will begin to see the world through your child’s eyes. You will better understand why they react the way they do, putting you one step ahead of the game. You will start seeing patterns and understanding their triggers, giving you the opportunity to ease their symptoms.


Don’t deal with these problems alone. Do your research, speak with other parents, and join support groups.

Other parents can give you recommendations for respectable doctors and occupational therapists. They can also give some great tips on how to deal with sensory meltdowns, unsupportive onlookers, and how to approach your child’s teacher.

But best of all, SPD parents are supportive. They’ve all had those days filled with constant sensory meltdowns and little to no patience. There is something comforting in sharing your story with those who have been through the exact same experiences.

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