Breathing Into A Paper Bag Can Helpful During An Anxiety Attack?

Why does breathing into a paper bag help?

Breathing into a paper bag is a technique that can help you regulate hyperventilation. It works by putting some of the lost carbon dioxide back into your lungs and body. This helps to balance oxygen flow in your body.

However, breathing into a paper bag must be done properly and may not work for everyone. Medical research on using it to help hyperventilation is divided on whether it really works.

Some case studies don’t recommend using this breathing technique.

Other medical review studies find that breathing into a paper bag can help some patients with hyperventilation.

How to do it

To use a paper bag to help you breathe when you’re hyperventilating, follow these steps:

  • Hold a small paper bag (the kind used for lunches) over your mouth and nose.
  • Take 6 to 12 normal breaths.
  • Remove the bag from your mouth and nose.
  • Take a few breaths.
  • Repeat as needed.

Do’s and don’ts

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