How to Become a Certified Coach?

Of course, many basic and advanced training courses impart specialist knowledge and qualified methods. If you already have appropriate previous knowledge (e.g. in NLP, as a naturopath, in the field of leadership training, pedagogy or psychology), targeted further training may be enough for you, e.g., in modules or block courses, in which you can deepen and expand your competence in just a few seminar days.

Training in freely selectable modules is also recommended if you are not yet sure how much time you can currently invest in coaching training. You may first want to deepen your specialist knowledge or acquire special skills, e.g., for conflicting resolution in the company or personal development expert. The training period is then individually tailored to your needs.

What also speaks for coaching training if you want to become a coach: Companies that commission coaching for their managers or in personnel development select coaches very specifically. They want coaches who can demonstrate solid coaching training and who have also completed regular advanced training. They should also be experts in their field and should be able to provide references. So, if you want to be a professional coach, you should consider the mentioned topics accordingly.

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