Are You Mentally Stressed?

Depression is a condition in which a person begins to feel sad and depressed. Other symptoms that appear to depressively affect a person’s daily activities, causing him and his immediate family to suffer.

Most people use the word depression to describe the state of sadness and frustration over time, which often recovers automatically after a while. It’s not depression. Medical depression is a depression that needs the help of a psychologist to deal with it, as it is a serious neurological strain that does not go away automatically. This is the reason why it is known as a serious medical condition.


A person who suffers from depression often experiences anxiety and anxiety. He begins to feel an emptiness in himself and his life. He loses hope of living and being happy. Such a person becomes negative and starts hoping for a bright future. A person who is depressed may find his life meaningless and suffer from constant remorse and guilt. Such people often become irritable and anxious, which can have very negative effects on their personal and professional lives. Other symptoms include sleep apnea or excessive sleep apnea. Such people lose their interest in daily activities, even their sex life begins to suffer from the same stress.

Humans suffer from mental and nerve stress in two cases, one when they are in a severe emotional state and the other when they are feeling depressed and unable to feel anything.

A person suffering from depression has difficulty thinking and making decisions. At the same time, his memory weakens. One symptom of depression is a loss of appetite or even loss of appetite. Also, such people suffer from head and joint pain and difficulty indigestion. Sometimes even with treatment, these problems can be difficult to overcome. All these distresses sometimes increase to such an extent that even humans begin to think about suicide.


Why does depression occur? There is no single cause of depression or depression, but there are many genetic, biological, social and psychological factors behind it. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) shows that people with mental illness are different from people’s brains. Depression is the part of a person’s brain that is related to mood, hunger, sleep, and behavior. Naturally, people with mental stress tend to treat people differently. It is an extremely difficult task for such people to get up in the morning and change their clothes.

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