Anger Is Not a Symptom of Bipolar Disorder, Or Is It?

I’m Not Angry With Anyone or at Anything

Let’s be clear, when I say I’m angry, irritated and hateful, these feelings are not related to anyone, anything or any experience, they are just feelings popping out from nowhere. This is particularly distressing to me because if you’re angry at a situation or at a person, you can deal with that feeling and move past it but when you’re angry at nothing, there is nothing to resolve and so the feeling smothers you like a fire blanket indefinitely.

I Don’t Take My Bipolar Anger Out on People

Anger is not a recognized symptom of bipolar disorder but many seem to experience anger associated with bipolar. What can you do about bipolar anger?One of the most common things I hear from loved ones of people with bipolar disorder is that people with bipolar are very angry and lash out at others and have rages. I do not do this. I may feel angry, but I have great control over my actions and do not take this feeling out on others. And I believe, just because it may be because of my bipolar, that doesn’t give me any right to be angry at others for a disease that distinctly isn’t their fault. It’s up to me to find a way to deal with this anger on my own in a way that doesn’t hurt others.

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