Amazing Benefits of Functional Training

Functional weight loss training

A very characteristic example of this type of training is to make a circuit with the following four exercises, which are good for burning fat:

Climb into the drawer or the bench with one leg, it consists of climbing with one leg and then with the other to a drawer or a bench and back down as if we were climbing stairs.

Squats: standing, with the feet facing forward and according to the width of the hips. We lowered the trunk as if we were going to sit until the knees are at 90 degrees with the ground, and we rise again.

Knees to the chest: standing, we carry one knee to the chest and then the other, increasing the speed of movement.

Jump to the rope: the classic jumping exercise. The course is done by making 10 climbs into the drawer (5 with each leg), 10 squats, 20 knee lifts to the chest (10 with each leg) and 30 seconds of jumping into the rope. When you finish, rest for two minutes and start again. Apply three complete series five times a week.

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