9 Most Common Sports Injuries – Prevention and Treatment Tips

Shoulder injury

A shoulder injury covers many different types of injury such as dislocation, misalignment, muscle strain or ligament sprain. These injuries are common because the shoulder is the weakest joint of the body and is often under a lot of pressure during athletic activities. Stretching before exercising is the best form of prevention and anti-inflammatory meds are effective in treating this issue. Of course, consulting with a medical professional is necessary if the injury is severe.

Runner’s knee

The term runner’s knee covers several conditions that cause pain in the area of the kneecap. While the name suggests that running is a common cause of this issue, any activity that puts stress on the knee can lead to this disorder. Swelling, pain when walking, kneeling, or running, and hearing a popping or grinding sound in the knee are all symptoms of this injury. The RICE method helps in treating the runner’s knee but some more serious cases might require surgery.


Sciatica is back pain that can travel all the way down to the feet and is associated with numbness and tingling in the legs. Cyclists and tennis players often experience sciatica due to their posturing while performing. A pinched nerve or a bulging disc can be the cause of this pain which can sometimes be alleviated by resting and stretching. However, physical therapy might be necessary if the pain, tingling and numbness persist.

Tennis elbow

Also known as golf elbow, tennis elbow is an injury that affects athletes that perform repetitive gripping actions. The tendons are inflamed and make wrist and hand motions painful. Stretching and strengthening exercises work great as prevention and icing the inflamed area and taking medication can treat this issue. Some doctors prescribe a brace that will take the pressure of the elbow and prevent further injuries.

Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or someone who occasionally practices a certain sport to stay in shape, you should be aware of these common injuries and how you can prevent and treat them.

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