7 Ways To Prevent Your Hair From Premature Greying

Do you remember the first day of finding that one grey hair on your head? Everyone panics at first sight of it; especially when it is way early for your age. Truth to be told, one or two grey hair is not a matter of concern. But if you start finding grey hair frequently or every day, you should be alarmed a little. Surprisingly, grey hair can be noticed amongst the youngsters nowadays quite often. Excessive stress and hectic lifestyle often affect your hair, i.e. premature greying. And who does not know that premature greying is just another symptom of hair loss?

But you can surely prevent it if you are cautious enough. How? Well, let us illustrate some best ways to prevent your hair from turning all snow-white. Have a look.


Spotting the first strand of grey hair when you are just at your mid-20, is quite traumatic and terrifying. Here are some great ways to stop that beforehand.

  1. Use the super-food for hair — Amla

Amla is known for its quality of being an anti-aging product. Filled with anti-oxidants and other vitamins, Amla can oust the free radicals which are the villain that turns hair grey at an early age. Also, Amla does the magic of strengthening hair follicles. It perfectly works as a hair tonic. You can boil these India Gooseberries with coconut oil and massage the syrup at the scalp. If you can just massage this twice a week, you will see magic within a month or two.

  1. Black Tea

Just like India Gooseberries, Black Tea is another component full of anti-oxidants. Black tea helps in darkening the hair color and also it stops the growth of white hair as well. All you have to do is to boil the black tea, cool it and rub it on your scalp gently.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the magic potion that works for every symptom of hair loss. Not only that, but it also works as a great tonic for hair fall solution as well. The presence of Vitamin B and C and phosphorus are the magic ingredient for hair follicles. Thus, if you can just apply coconut oil with a little lemon juice, it will surely prevent premature greying of your hair.

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