7 Things Sensory Processing Disorder Has Taught Me


Before I knew my son has sensory processing disorder, I already had the pleasure of knowing a couple of special needs kids. One of my good friends has an autistic child and another friend has a child with down syndrome. I love both of those kids with all of my heart and have from day 1. I have never considered either of them different from any other child or my own child for that matter. However, I never realized any struggles that either of these strong and magnificent mothers went through. Finding the right doctors, therapy sessions, learning about something that you have no previous knowledge of, and helping your child on a daily basis with struggles were all a mystery to me. Well, they are not anymore. Attention parents of kids with special needs…YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT…don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


This is something that I’ve always known about myself. From losing loved ones and suffering my own tragedy, I’ve had to fight in the past. And I always knew that I would fight to protect my kids. But I never realized that I would have to fight a battle against SPD. Which to this day, is the hardest fight I’ve encountered. I had to fight to find a therapist for my child. I had to fight to understand what sensory processing disorder is. I had to fight to explain my child’s struggles to family, friends, and teachers. I had to fight to know my child’s triggers. I had to fight to find ways to help him. A fighter is someone that does not give up. I will NEVER give up on my child.


When I first started on the journey of SPD, I felt so alone. No one else understood what my child or I were going through, not even some of our closest family members. No one ever saw the behaviors. I started this blog as a way to connect with others and hopefully help other parents of children with a sensory processing disorder. I found so many other great moms that knew what we were dealing with. I found support groups for sensory processing disorder. With each comment that I read, I knew that someone else faced some of the same issues I face. Someone got it. Others are so eager to offer words of encouragement or advice to moms that are having a difficult time. Finding these groups and other moms, made me open my own eyes to realize that I’m not alone. I have them, I have my husband, I have my family and I have my friends. They are all in this with me and my kiddo.

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