6 Tips for Being a Mom With Fibromyalgia

6. Accept Help

This has been a challenge for me, as part of my image of what motherhood would be like was spending all day, every day with my son — I would be the one teaching him, training him, playing with him. Passing him off to someone else was not part of my perfect scenario. My husband has a decent job that allows me to stay at home, so I genuinely thought I was all set for my dream life.

But as I mentioned before, reality sets in hard once you actually become a parent. Babies and children are harder to care for than you ever knew, and even good days have potential to drain you and leave you exhausted beyond belief. So if someone offers to help out, take the help.

What if no one offers? Then ask. Reach out to family or friends and see if they can occasionally take your child for a few hours for some uninterrupted rest or to get necessary housework or errands done. If there is no one available to help out, you may be able to find a daycare or other childcare professional that can take care of your kids once or twice a week.

This may be difficult, or even a little scary for you, but your health and sanity is vital for the health and happiness of the whole entire family and it should be a priority!

Being a mom with fibromyalgia can bring extra challenges, but it offers just as many blessings and benefits. It may take some time, but find what works best for your family. Remember to enjoy your children while they are still little because the hardest part of parenthood is how quickly they grow up!