6 Tips for Being a Mom With Fibromyalgia

4. Focus on What Is Most Important

There will days when you barely have the strength to stand up for more than a few minutes at a time. On these days, decide what should come first for you and your child.

The things that they need most are food, diapers/potty training depending on their age, and nap time. These are essential for a happy, healthy child. And the happier your baby is the happier you will be.

The things you need most are food, medications, supplements and rest. Your needs are equally as important as your child’s. As a parent your first instinct may be to put all of your time and energy into your child, but this will lead to you being completely burned out without anything left to give. That will not be beneficial for anyone involved!

5. Play up Your Child’s Strengths

Every child is an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses. I have watched my son and found that he is independent, he likes having a say in everything, he likes helping, and he likes being praised for his efforts.

So to help our day go just a bit more smoothly, I have learned to allow him a measure of independence whenever possible. I give him choices in what he wears, eats, plays with, reads, watches on TV — even which bowl, plate and cup he uses. They may seem like little things to me, but they make him happy and things go smoother.

I ask him to be my big helper and pick up toys, throw away trash, or put dishes in the sink. He can be a very big help to me, but more importantly it makes him happy and feel good about himself. I will ask him bring me small items he is able to carry.

One day I asked him to bring me a blanket, but he wasn’t sure what I was talking about. I got up, showed him the blankets, and where we keep them. Since then he will at times bring me the blanket on his own and help me cover up.

The smile beaming on his face brings me so much joy! I make sure to offer lots of praise every time he does what I ask. And in case I forget, he reminds me by showing me he did it and then clapping for himself.

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