6 Tips for Being a Mom With Fibromyalgia

2. On Good Days, Focus on Your Children

There are plenty of days I physically cannot get up and play with my son. So on the days I am feeling better I try to make sure I spend some quality time doing something fun with him, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.

If it’s nice out we go out for a walk or play in the yard. If the weather is not good we stay in and play with toys, we kick or throw a ball around, we dance, we chase each other around the house. We also might go out for a trip to the library.

On days I can’t do much I try to make sure to still spend time with him reading or coloring — easy and low key activities I can handle. I will also sometimes sit and throw the ball back and forth with him. It is minimal effort on my part but he has a blast and is still getting out energy, having to be the one to run get the ball whenever one of us drops it.

3. Explain Why You Need to Rest

Children are much smarter than most of us give them credit for. Be up front and explain, depending on their age, why you can’t go outside and play or why you aren’t able to play as long as they would like.

With my son I simply tell him, “Mom doesn’t feel good, I need to sit (or lie) down right now.” I explain to him that I would like to play with him, but I need to sit. I then offer to do something with him that can be done on the couch.

I have found most of the time he responds well and is okay with it. It sometimes amazes me at how understanding and compassionate he can be.

But there are times when he gets upset and cries, pulling on my hand trying to get me to come with him. It breaks my heart to say no, but I know if I push myself too hard I will end up even worse and will be unable to care for him.


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