6 Benefits Of Olive Oil For hair care

Hair loss is a common problem, whose purview has taken almost 60 % of the total population and the condition is such that the question has started to arise that who is not suffering from hair loss. The problem of hair loss is not a new one and people are facing it from centuries and they are also looking for its solution. Nature has bestowed us with many resources and olive oil is one of them.

Olive oil is very beneficial for the body. Olive oil is beneficial to the skin and hair. Olive oil contains antioxidants like phenolic, carotenoid compounds, and vitamin E, which eliminate the cells from free radicals and as a result, it prevents the aging of our skin and hair. The presence of vitamin E makes hair shiny and lustrous.

During winter and summer season olive oil would be very beneficial for dry skin. It is very useful to eliminate wrinkles, split ends, and dandruff in the hairs. The oil can be used in every possible way as we can consume it or we can apply it directly to hair and skin. Olive oil is very good for our heart, mind and blood pressure.

But one thing, you have to understand that all this procedure works only when you have still 70 % of hairs on the scalp. If you had lost more than that, you have to go for a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a very effective procedure and almost sure-shot way to regain your hair and its cost is also very affordable.

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