Hack #3

An onion a day keeps alopecia away?

This inexpensive and readily available kitchen ingredient has been extensively researched and found to help in the most severe conditions of spot baldness.

Onion juice applied directly on the scalp helps with the re-growth of hair in the spots where the hair has fallen out. This is because onions contain an abundance of sulfur, which helps the formation of keratin in the hair.

The method:

  • Juice one red onion (do not dilute with water or you will also dilute the sulfur chemical)
  • Apply over the scalp
  • Leave-on overnight
  • Shampoo and condition as normal
  • Do this once a week to see results


Hack #4

Castor oil Treatment

Healthy hair growth is achieved by tending to the scalp. This particular oil when applied to the hair and scalp is used to relieve dermatitis and also nourish and condition over-processed, damaged hair.

  • Because it is sticky in nature it is best when used with a carrier oil like: olive, sesame, or coconut oil
  • Dilute the carrier oil with the castor oil in a one-to-one proportion
  • Apply to the hair and scalp and wrap your head in a warm towel for deeper absorption
  • Leave-on overnight
  • Repeat twice per month

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