Garbage In = Garbage Out!
Nutrients from food are way underrated. They should be the main reason we eat food.

But we eat food because we are hungry. Not because we want to prevent disease.

We have to start thinking of our food as a tool for our health and well-being, instead of the entertainment at the party. We need greens, fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, fish, herbs, spices, healthy fats and a limited amount of organic grass-fed meat and poultry. If everyone was loyal to a diet like this, we’d have far fewer cases of common health issues – ADHD included.

It’s cool to treat your taste buds once in a while. But most of the time, the taste is just a bonus. Functional medicine is key. These doctors know the power lies in food and nutrition.

The best thing you can do today is finding a functional medicine practitioner, where you live, who can determine if your child has any nutritional imbalances or food allergies. A blood test will check 80+ different foods, or an elimination diet could also be done to determine sensitivities.

Doctors like Joel Fuhrman and Mark Flannery will help you prevent disease. They can even cure your child of many different health issues they’ve been labeled with.

Mark Hyman is a great example of a doctor who has cured many children of ADHD, and even autism, by focusing on a healthy anti-inflammatory diet and healthy gut flora, removing toxins, identifying food sensitivities and bringing their nutrient levels up to where they need to be.

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